We are a core team of 8 to 10 members located in Shanghai, China. We work with specized tailors and factoreis from China.

What is the cosplaytrend in UK in 2017

Cosplay trends come and go. It's always fun to try and predict these trends ahead of time, so let's have a look at the costumes that will be filling your conventions and computer screens in the coming year.

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That is CosplayWorldUK

Naruto, Black Butler, Attack on Titan, Vocaloid, Inuyasha, Bleach, One Piece und Kuroko no Basuke – There are the most favorite Japanese animes for cosplay. These are not enough, also Lara Croft, Harley Quinn, Strar Track, Harry Potter, Game of Thrones cosplays are popular in the UK or US.And now there is one online cosplay shop, which can provide you every cosplay you need. CosplayWorldUK.com is your right shop for Cosplay.

We are an online cosplay shop for the Cosplay Beginner, you know what is cosplay?

Cosplay is a combination word, which is made of the English words costume and play. Cosplay is a costume trend from Japan. Cosplayers are usually fascinated with manga, anime and games. Cosplay is getting more and more popular in the UK and Europe. Cosplayers will dress themselves in their favorite costumes and meet other cosplayers in the conventions, which focus on topics such as manga, video games and so on.

Where can you buy cosplay costumes and other stuffs?

Unfortunately, cosplay is not a main trend hobbies in the UK, US, CA or AT, you cannot buy cosplay needs in your regional costume shops. There are many different ways of buying cosplay costumes and accessories. For example, you can buy them on the booths of anime or cosplay conventions. But the assortment is very limited usually and the price is usually quite high.

Buy cosplay online is the best option. In cosplayworlduk.com, you can find the latest and hottest cosplay costumes, we offer cosplay items with very good price. We are a shop with love to cosplay, and we offer you individual custom costumes for special needs. All product photos in our shop is based on the real photos. You get also the rights of  returning the goods if you are not satisfied with them within 30 days for non-tailor-made products.

Consider to buy a cheap cosplay or a high value cosplay costume?

For a gala party in a cosplay convention, you dream of a perfect cosplay outfit. The costumes should as original and detailed as possible. Off course, a high value cosplay costume will help you earn more scores. However, even with low price costume you can impress your audience with your accessories, shoes, wigs, and cosmetic or performance skills.

Cosplay Shop for Cosplayers in the UK, US, AU,CA and the world.

 Cosplayshop UK is a Cosplay Shop since 2008, with the latest shop design, we would like to provide the best services for cosplayers.

Individual customized cosplay costume

We know exactly our problem, when you cannot find a suitable cosplay costume online. The fun of cosplay is to play somebody with unique character.

We work with a huge network of tailors specialized in cosplay together. Each tailor may specialized in a specific genre or category, such as maid costume, final fantasy, visual kei, etc.  We make an individual design for you. In other cases, if you need a specific costumes with special size, which may not offered standardly, we can help either.

 Cosplay Costumes at good price

If you are looking for good cosplays for good price, we are the right place. Feel free to let us know, if you find any other shops with better offers. We offer you great sales from time to time.

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